Dentist Berlin

Dr. Kenneth Pearson (the Kwasnik’s uncle and Dr. Pearson’s brother) graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. Soon after graduating from UPenn Dental school he moved to VT and purchased “The Schoolhouse” building in Berlin, VT. This school building was quickly renovated into a dental practice that is now known as Kwasnik Family Dental.

In 1980, Dr. Kenneth invited his sister, Dr. Arliene Pearson into the dental practice. Dr, Pearson graduated from Columbia University in 1969 and worked with Dr. Kenneth for 20 years.

Dr. Kenneth retired in 2003 and Dr. Pearson remained the primary dentist. Over the next 18 years, Dr. Pearson continued to renovate and expand the practice.

In 2021, Dr. Collin (Dr. Pearson’s son) graduated dental school from Stonybrook University and took over the family practice, officially establishing it as Kwasnik Family Dental. Dr. Collin continued renovating and expanding the dental practice as the dental needs of Vermont grew.

In 2022, Dr. Gleason (Dr. Collin’s sister) joined Kwasnik Family Dental as an associate. Shortly after, Dr. Corin Kwasnik (the youngest brother of Dr. Collin and Dr. Gleason) graduated from Tufts University and joined Kwasnik Family Dental.

As Dr. Pearson retired in June 2023, the three siblings (Dr. Gleason, Dr. Collin, and Dr. Corin) will continue serving dentistry in the central Vermont area at Kwasnik Family Dental. Dr. Kenneth Pearson and Dr. Arliene Pearson could not be more thankful to have the Kwasnik children continue the family dental business, providing dentistry for another generation!